ACC Medical Imaging Club

This club explores career paths in medical imaging.

The following list links interested students to several helpful articles:

  • Biomimicry and Bioengineering in Cardiovascular Care (2020, click here for abstract).
  • Ligand Design Strategies to Increase Stability of Gadolinium-based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents (2019, link to full article).
  • Myocardial Perfusion Study to Detect Coronary Artery Disease (2018, click here for abstract).
  • Magically Magnetic Gadolinium (2015, link to full article).
  • Techniques, Benefits, and Challenges of PET-MR (2015, click here for abstract).
  • A Primer on Gadolinium Chemistry (2010, link to full article).

The process of PET imaging is predicated on annihilation.

(Here annihilation occurs between positrons and electrons.)


Close-up view of annihilation