ACC Math Club

ACC Math Club is dedicated to the advancement of mathematics in home school settings. While our focus is broad, ranging from geometry to trigonometry and calculus, parents and young people appreciate our emphasis on spiral learning, a process that offers endless opportunities for exploiting common themes between topics.

Our approach initially explores the fundamentals of mathematics through navigation and music, and then leans toward select topics in higher math, such as the usefulness of the Laplace transform in solving differential equations. We will eventually tackle the idea of non-linear equations. Finally, to help balance a student’s learning process by giving them the chance to grasp unique historical perspectives, we highlight the lives and work of several notable mathematicians, such as Blaise Pascal, Leonhard Euler, Pierre-Simon Laplace, and Nathaniel Bowditch.

Mathematics is the science which draws necessary conclusions.

– Benjamin Pierce, Father of American Mathematics

Our goal is to help learners build mathematical intuition. Knowing that remarkable things happen when we go about mathematics by hand, we hope each of you will expand your very own sense of numbers and knack for figuring – grab a pencil and dig-in.

(See our flyer for more information.)