An extraordinary imbalance between ordinary matter and anti-matter

annihilation-interactionSchematic of pair production and annihilation interaction

We are recommending the short online article, “Baryon Conservation and the Antimatter Mystery,” by physicist Vernon R. Cupps. This article appears in the November 2018 issue of the science- and creation- magazine Acts & Facts, and, in our opinion, proves extremely insightful for students interested in our creation science writing contest, specifically those students who pick positron emission tomography for their essay topic. Here Dr. Cupps not only discusses the extraordinary science and deeper theological issues surrounding the disparity between ordinary matter and anti-matter, but he also approaches the topic in a way that translates exceptionally well for students concerned with the issue-at-hand for their essay option (that is, explaining pair production and annihilation in PET scanning in medicine for their entries).

pet-schemaThe technique of PET imaging