Report from Pittsburgh: Part 1

The first day at the Eighth International Conference on Creationism yielded extremely fascinating presentations given the variety of topics. What follows is a quick list of several selected talks.

  • Independent researcher Anne Habermehl presented on archeology, in her discussion and paper (see link) called “The Ipuwer Papyrus and the Exodus.” Here the topic was extra-biblical evidence for the Exodus.
  • Matthew McLain of The Master’s University spoke on birds and dinosaurs. This talked centered on the evolutionary hypothesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs. However, contrary to popular belief, based on results from the research carried out for this presentation, birds and dinosaurs were shown not to be related through common (or evolutionary) descent. Results further showed that birds are a subgroup of dinosaurs in the larger framework of God’s creation. The research team’s paper for the presentation is “Feathered Dinosaurs Reconsidered: New Insights from Baraminology and Ethnotaxonomy.”
  • Joseph Francis of The Master’s University talked about the beneficial role of viruses. The research team’s paper for this presentation is “Bacteriophages as Beneficial Regulators of the Mammalian Microbiome.”

The Bioscience Workshop was moderated by Bob Harsh, and featured panelists: Kurt Wise, PhD; Jean Lightner, DVM; and Todd Wood, PhD. The title of the workshop was “Baraminology: Where Are We, Where Do We Need To Be, and How Do We Get There?”

Dinosaur soft tissue was in the spotlight for the conference’s free evening event that was open to the public. Here Kevin Anderson, PhD, gave an update on- and answered questions about- the iDINO project. His presentation was titled “A Creation Biology Update: Soft Dinosaur Tissue and Its Support for the Creation Model.”

Remark: iDINO is an acronym that stands for Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-Tissue.