A unique thing about Ashland, Ohio

Many of the geological features unique to Ohio surround the community of Ashland.

For example:

  • Big and Little Lyons Falls and Clear Fork Gorge at Mohican State Park—products of glaciation
  • Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island—the largest and most easily accessible glacial grooves in the world
  • Nearby geological niches, such as the one in Licking County, Ohio, which preserved the Burning Tree Mastodon—the most complete mastodon skeleton ever found to date

Since 2009, a copy of the Burning Tree Mastodon skeleton has been housed at the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Ohio is centrally located and uniquely situated among the Great Lakes. More than 50% of the U.S. population is within 500 miles of Ohio.